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Friday, February 23, 2018

Moving Saskatchewan’s Creative Industries Forward

The Moving Saskatchewan’s Creative Industries Forward Consultation Final Report provides a summary of what was heard during the consultation process conducted over summer and fall 2012. 

The consultation process engaged the creative industries, the businesses and people involved in the production, distribution and marketing of commercially viable goods and services, in developing a strategy to advance their commercial objectives to position them as part of the province’s Growth Agenda, to ensure our continued high quality of life and to build an even stronger Saskatchewan.

The report will be used as the basis for continued discussions with industry leaders (see below) and to help inform the development of a new commercial model for Saskatchewan’s creative industries.

The following documents provided background material for the Moving Saskatchewan’s Creative Industries Forward consultations:

How We Support Saskatchewan's Culture

To maximize the social and economic benefits of culture, PCS targets the following areas:

Saskatchewan's Cultural Policy

Pride of Saskatchewan: A Policy Where Culture, Community and Commerce Meet is a plan that encourages collaboration, guides decision-making and recognizes that culture is at the heart and soul of this great place we call Saskatchewan.

Research and Dialogue

Pride of Saskatchewan responds to more than 25 years of cultural policy discussions and is based on extensive Research and Dialogue, which is summarized in Moving from Reflection to Action: Towards a Cultural Policy for Saskatchewan.

Programs Supported by PCS

Pride of Saskatchewan is a plan to help guide our decision-making and focus as we move toward common goals.  To test innovative and creative approaches to cultural development, inform policy development and respond to sector needs, the following programs are supported by PCS:

Information on other ministry programs that help build a vibrant sector can be found here:

PCS Legislation

In addition to Pride of Saskatchewan, PCS is guided by a number of pieces of legislation.  The following links will provide you with more information on PCS legislation.

Cultural Organizations

Pride of Saskatchewan is rooted in the idea that collaboration around common goals creates synergy that helps strengthen the culture sector.  PCS works in collaboration with the following organizations to build a vibrant and growing culture sector:

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