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Friday, February 23, 2018

Common concerns for heritage propert owners or those thinking about applying for designation are discussed below.

How do I find out if my property has been designated?

The Saskatchewan Register of Heritage Property lists the 50 Provincial Heritage Properties and over 750 Municipal Heritage Properties designated under The Heritage Property Act.

What's the difference between Municipal and Provincial Heritage Property designation?

Hudson's Bay Company Store in Fort Qu'Appelle (C. Fehr 2004)

Hudson's Bay Company Store in Fort Qu'Appelle (C. Fehr 2004)

Provincial Heritage Property designation, undertaken by the Minister of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport, is for properties deemed to be provincially significant.  Municipal Heritage Property, undertaken by a city, town, village or rural municipality, is for those properties considered locally or regionally significant.

Click here for details on the nomination process.

What is the effect of heritage designation on my property?

Once a property is designated, it is legally protected.  Future alterations to municipal heritage properties require prior written approval from the council of the municipality.  Alterations to a Provincial Heritage Property require prior approval from the the Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport by applying for a Heritage Alteration Permit (pdf or Word version).

What does designation mean for me?

As the property owner, heritage designation means:

  • An interest will be registered on the land title for your property identifying it as a designated heritage property.  This will not impede the sale or use of the property. The legal protection and interest remains with the property when it is sold.
  • Your property will be listed on the Saskatchewan Register of Heritage Property.  This contains only basic information about the site.  No sensitive or personal information is included on this register.
  • You must obtain approval or apply for a Heritage Alteration Permit (pdf or Word version) before doing any work that could significantly alter the property's heritage character-defining elements.
  • Conservation work on your property may be eligible for municipal heritage property incentives or tax credits.  Check with the local municipality for more information.

Are there any other responsibilities associated with designation?

As an owner of a designated heritage property, you are a steward of a valuable piece of Saskatchewan's heritage.  Although designation does not imply rigid restrictions or regulations on the day-to-day use or administration of a site, the property owner will be encouraged to conduct regular maintenance and follow accepted principles of good heritage conservation.

Why would I want my property to be designated?

Many property owners take pride in owning and caring for a piece of Saskatchewan's heritage.  Many property owners value heritage designation as it emphasizes the uniqueness and historic significance of the property, and enables other people in the community to appreciate its value.

Gustin House, Saskatoon (C. Fehr 2009)

Gustin House, Saskatoon (C. Fehr 2009)

Where can I get advice on how to restore my property?

A good place to start is the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada for recommended and not-recommended practices for preserving, rehabilitating or restoring their heritage property.

The Heritage Architect provides expertise and technical advice on heritage conservation to owners of provincially designated properties. Whenever possible, this assistance is extended to Municipal Heritage Property owners as well.

What funding is available to support heritage properties?

Designated properties are eligible to apply to the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation for financial assistance to undertake heritage conservation work.

Will I need to open my property to the public?

You are not required to open your property to the public. You might be asked if you would like to receive visitors or have your site included on a walking/driving tour, or in an annual Open Doors event. Participation in these types of activities is voluntary.

How do I get a plaque for my heritage property?

Each Provincial Heritage Property receives an official bronze plaque.  Click here to see the plaques for the 48 provincially designated properties. 

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Property owners can use the information provided in this document to help guide heritage conservation decisions.

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