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Friday, February 23, 2018

Learn more about Saskatchewan's past through the Heritage Conservation Branch's publications and research reports listed below.


Archaeology Map coverA Map of Saskatchewan Archaeology - learn more about archaeology in Saskatchewan with this full-colour, double-sided poster. Heart and Soul coverCelebrating 100 Years of Heart! - produced for Saskatchewan's Centennial in 2005, this brochure highlights a few of the many historic places which are an essential and irreplaceable part of our collective past and the hearts and souls of our communities.


Conserving coverConserving Your Historic Places: A Guide for Communities - provides an overview of the heritage conservation process in Saskatchewan. Developing cover
Developing Your Heritage Inventory: A Guide for Communities - a guide to assist communities in creating inventories of their local historic places.


designation cover

Municipal Heritage Property Designation Guide - outlines the key steps involved in municipal designation, answers common questions, and offers suggestions on how to make designation and heritage property management as easy as possible.

Creating Community Heritage ProgramsCreating Community Heritage Programs: A Guide for Municipalities - helps local governments build effective heritage conservation programs.



Grave Sites of Saskatchewan PremiersGrave Sites of Saskatchewan Premiers - commemorates the grave sites of Saskatchewan's first nine Premiers. Historic Buildings: Modern UsesHistoric Buildings: Modern Uses - profiles five very different historic buildings in Saskatchewan to illustrate the economic, environmental, cultural and social benefits of rehabilitating historic buildings for modern uses.


Heritage Benefits Brochures - The preservation, rehabilitation and ongoing use of historic buildings stimulates the economy, reduces our ecological footprint and preserves our cultural heritage.  This series of brochures describes in detail the many economic, environmental and social benefits of heritage conservation:
Economic BenefitsEconomic Benefits of Heritage Conservation Environmental BenefitsEnvironmental Benefits of Heritage Conservation Social BenefitsSocial Benefits of Heritage Conservation


Petite VillePetite Ville - 2010 is the Year of the Métis.  Learn more about their contributions to Saskatchewan by reading about Petite Ville, a provincially designated village from the 1870s. Provincial Heritage Property:  Celebrating Saskatcehwan's CentennialProvincial Heritage Property: Preserving Our Sense of Place - The booklet profiles the 49 outstanding properties that, as of 2011, have each received designation as a Provincial Heritage Property.


Sights of a Special NatureVisitor's Guide to Heritage Sites of a Special Nature - Sites of a Special Nature (SSNs) are considered especially significant and are afforded special protection under The Heritage Property Act.  SSNs include burials, rock art, medicine wheels, boulder effigies and other boulder monuments.  There are specific policies regarding the treatment of these fragile and unique sites. Burial PolicyArchaeological Burial Management Policy - this Ministry provides for the efficient and respectful handling of exposed human skeletal material not found in a recognized cemetery or otherwise identified in accordance with s.65 of The Heritage Property Act and the protocols and procedures set out in this policy.


Avocational Archaeology Field ManualAvocational Archaeology Field Manual - assists individuals, who are not professionally trained, interested in recording the past using conventional archaeological methods.

Research Reports

Saskatchewan Hospital, North Battleford

Valley View Centre, Moose Jaw

  • Research report: 35-page report outlining the history of the Saskatchewan Training School.
  • Timeline of Events: Chronological overview of significant dates and events.

Architectural Heritage of Storey and Van Egmond - A report and inventory of the buildings designed by the prolific Saskatchewan architectural firm of Storey and Van Egmond.

Economic, Social and Environmental Benefits of Heritage Conservation - an annotated bibliography of more than one hundred articles and books on the topic of heritage conservation.

Heritage and Museums Market Study - conducted in 2006 by Sigma Analytics for the Museums Association of Saskatchewan in partnership with the Heritage Resources Branch.

Historic Places in Saskatchewan Municipalities - presents the results of a survey of Saskatchewan municipalities looking at the types of heritage activities that municipalities are involved in and the challenges they face in protecting and promoting historic places within their jurisdictions.

Saskatchewan Road and Railway Bridges to 1950 - an inventory and historical overview of pre-1950 bridges in Saskatchewan.

Women's Organizations in Saskatchewan - examines the activities a number of women's organizations in Saskatchewan including the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, YWCA, Homemakers' Clubs, and The Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire.

Perspectives on Contract Archaeologists 1991 

Stone Circle Final Report 1995

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The information provided in this document will help guide heritage conservation decisions.

Permit applications and site forms for archaeological and palaeontological work.

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