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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What is the underlying rationale for the Heritage Foundation's grant programs?
To provide cost-shared assistance to individuals, organizations and communities across the province attempting to conserve, research, develop and promote aspects of Saskatchewan's diverse heritage.

What portion of the project costs will the Foundation provide?
The Foundation will provide up to 50% of eligible project costs, in theory.  In practice, due to limited funding and a consistently high demand, the amount available is usually less than 50% of eligible costs.   

How many grant applications does the Heritage Foundation receive annually?
Approximately 80 to 100 applications are received although, depending on project eligibility, designation status and adequacy of information, about 60 to 80 applications are formally considered by the Foundation Board.  Acceptance of an application for formal review is no guarantee that any funds will be awarded to a project.

What is the amount of the Heritage Foundation's annual heritage grant allocation? 
At the outset of the 2015-16 fiscal year, the Foundation received $504,000 from the province's General Revenue Fund.  A portion of these funds is required to assist with the ongoing development of the Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site of Canada, near Avonlea, to offset some of the agency's non-salary administrative costs, and secure technical expertise to support the built heritage grant assistance program.  

How are grant applications reviewed?
Initially, applications are reviewed by Foundation staff to ensure that minimum eligibility criteria are met.  The Board makes the final determination as to whether or not an application will be funded and at what level. 

What are Grant Application Deadlines, and how often does the Heritage Foundation adjudicate grant requests?
Grant application submission deadlines are: March 1 and October 1 for the Built and One-Time Commercial Grants and January 15 for the Archaeology and Palaeontology Grant.  Adjudication meetings occur end of April, end of November and by the end of February. 

Does the Heritage Foundation provide funding for cemeteries?
No. Please contact the Consumer Protection Branch at toll free 1-877-880-5550 or 306-787-5550.

Does the Heritage Foundation provide funding for historic plaques or markers?
No.  Local historic markers are the responsibility of the Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society (306-780-9204).  Plaques for sites designated as Municipal Heritage Property are the responsibility of the designating municipal council.  The roadside Provincial Historic Marker Program is administered by the Parks Services Branch of Saskatchewan Parks, Culture and Sport (306-787-9571).  Plaques for sites and structures designated as Provincial Heritage Property are produced by the Heritage Conservation Branch of Saskatchewan Parks, Culture and Sport (306-787-8519).  Plaques for National Historic Sites are produced and maintained by Parks Canada Agency (306-662-2711).

Do sites or structures for which funding may be requested require some level of official recognition or protection?
Yes.  The most common form of recognition for sites of local significance is Municipal Heritage Property designation by the local designating authority (RM, Village, Town or City).  The Minister responsible for heritage may also designate any (real and moveable) property of provincial significance as Provincial Heritage Property.  In both instances, designation publicly and formally recognizes the property's heritage value.  First Nations communities can formally recognize a site's significance through a Band Council Resolution.  The exception to this is the One-Time Non-Designated Commercial Heritage Property Grant.  This does not require formal recognition via designation. 

Who sits on the Heritage Foundation's Board of Directors, and what is its relationship to government?
Information on the board of directors is found on our Board of Directors page.

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