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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Snowmobile Registration Fees

Since 2005, all snowmobile registration fees collected by Saskatchewan Government Insurance have gone to the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association Inc. (SSA) to fund its work maintaining provincial snowmobile trails and promoting safe snowmobiling. The SSA is responsible for undertaking this work through a Trail Management Agreement signed with Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport (TPCS).

In 2008, the SSA asked for an increase in the registration fee from $40 to $78 to sustain the provincial snowmobile trail system.  A subsequent consultant's report agreed that an increase was needed and recommended a new fee of $90.

After further review by TPCS and consultation with the SSA, a fee increase was implemented.  As of November 1, 2009, the annual snowmobile registration fee increased to $70 per year.  Even with this increase, Saskatchewan continues to have the lowest fee in Canada to register a snowmobile and use a provincially-groomed trail system.

The registration and associated licence plate continues to be the snowmobile owner's permission to ride on the snowmobile trail system.

This $30 fee increase allows the SSA to improve and sustain snowmobiling in Saskatchewan by:

  • establishing a long-term capital replacement fund for grooming equipment;
  • improving grooming management and professional standards;
  • increasing investments for snowmobile safety training and promotion;
  • implementing a groomer tracking system using GPS technology; and
  • improving reporting, accountability and performance measurements.

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