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Friday, February 23, 2018

Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport's Legislation

The links below will take you to the Acts and related documents in the Saskatchewan government's Publications Centre.  Documents may be viewed online, printed on your printer, or, for a fee, printed copies may be ordered through the Publications Centre.

The Active Families Benefit Act

  • establishes the Active Families tax benefit program and lays out amounts and eligibility criteria for parents and legal guardians

The Air, Army, Sea and Navy League Cadets Recognition Day Act

  • recognizes, honours, salutes, and celebrates the tremendous contributions of Air, Army, Sea and Navy League Cadets in Saskatchewan
  • the Cadet Organization develops in youth the attributes of good leadership and citizenship, promote physical fitness, and educates youth on the role played by the Canadian Forces
  • investing in today’s youth as well as Saskatchewan and Canada’s future

The Arts Board Act, 1997

  • lays out the legislative mandate, powers, structure and functions of the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the legal and administrative activities that must be undertaken for the Board to function

The Arts Professions Act/Loi sur les professions artistiques

  • defines a professional artist and recognizes the importance of fair compensation
  • requires written contracts between professional artists and those who engage their services and provides a list of elements that must be included in contracts
  • recognizes the important contributions artists make to Saskatchewan

The Culture and Recreation Act, 1993

  • describes the legal responsibilities of the Minister responsible for culture and recreation in Saskatchewan

The Doukhobors of Canada C.C.U.B. Trust Fund Act

  • establishes a trust fund, from the liquidation of assets of the foreclosure of the C.C.U.B. Ltd., which may be used to further the culture and heritage of the Doukhobors of Canada

The Economic and Co-operative Development Act

PCS is responsible for

  • clause 8(a) which is jointly assigned to the Minister of PCS, the Minister of Enterprise Saskatchewan, the Minister of Energy and Resources and the Minister of Agriculture;
  • clause 8(b) which is jointly assigned to the Minister of PCS, the Minister of Enterprise Saskatchewan and the Minister of Agriculture; and
  • clause 9(1)(e) which is jointly assigned to the Minister of PCS and the Minister of Enterprise Saskatchewan

The Film Employment Tax Credit Act

  • This program is no longer accepting applications.

The Grasslands National Park Act

  • ratifies and validates the Grasslands National Park Agreement and authorizes the province to transfer land to the federal government for inclusion in Grasslands National Park

The Heritage Property Act

  • defines heritage property, outlines the government’s roles and responsibilities with respect to heritage, and outlines the process of heritage designation

The Historic Properties Foundation Act

  • to preserve and enhance historic properties;
  • to promote public awareness of the character, setting and decor of the historic property; the historic and cultural values of the historic property; the significant events in the governance of Saskatchewan; and the history of Saskatchewan generally

The Holocaust Memorial Day Act

  • recognizes Yom haShoah as Holocaust Memorial Day in Saskatchewan and determines the date of observance

The Interprovincial Lotteries Act, 1984

  • authorizes the Minister responsible for Lotteries to:
  • enter into agreements with other provinces to conduct and manage a lottery scheme in Saskatchewan;
  • issue a licence to a non-profit organization (currently Western Canada Lottery Corporation),authorizing it to conduct and manage a lottery scheme on behalf of the government; and 
  • designate a non-profit organization (currently Sask Sport Inc.) to act as the marketing organization for the lottery scheme

The Jean-Louis Légaré Act/Loi sur Jean-Louis Légaré

  • recognizes the heroic efforts, humane compassion and personal financial sacrifice made by Jean-Louis Légaré with respect to Chief Sitting Bull and his people during their years of refuge in what is now the Province of Saskatchewan

The Meewasin Valley Authority Act

  • provides for the management and retention for public use of the riverbank area of Saskatoon by an independent agency funded by the province, city and university

The Multiculturalism Act

  • promotes and preserves multiculturalism in Saskatchewan by recognizing diversity with respect to race, cultural heritage, ethnicity, and place of origin, states broadly the provincial multiculturalism policy and provides the Minister the power to carry out the purposes of the Act

The National Peacekeepers Recognition Day Act

  • Saskatchewan has been a loyal supporter of the United Nations peacekeeping force
  • Saskatchewan men and women have served on peacekeeping missions around the world;
  • Saskatchewan peacekeepers died in the pursuit of peace and did not return from their tour of duty

The Natural Resources Act

PCS is responsible for

  • section 18; and
  • sections 3, 4, 14, 14.1, 17 and 23 as they relate to parks

The Parks Act

  • provides authority for the protection, disposition, administration and management of provincial parks, recreation sites, historic sites, protected areas and park land reserves

The Recognition of John George Diefenbaker Day Act

  • Prime Minister of Canada from 1957 to 1963
  • his family homesteaded in Saskatchewan and
  • he made Saskatchewan his home
  • the First Canadian Bill of Rights was introduced in Parliament by Diefenbaker and subsequently passed in 1960

The Recognition of Telemiracle Week Act

  • founded in 1977 by the Kinsmen Foundation
  • Telemiracle has supported hundreds of funding applications per year for medical travel, special needs equipment, handi-vans, group homes, community organizations and institutions that provide service to a wide range of Saskatchewan residents

The Regional Parks Act, 2013

  • authorizes the Minister to assist local governments and agencies in establishing regional parks to increase availability of parks to the public

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum Act

  • lays out the legislative mandate and functions of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, the role of the Museum director and the Museum’s responsibility toward Aboriginal and culturally-sensitive objects

The Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Act - Part IV Community Initiatives Fund

  • establishes a board of trustees to manage and operate the Community Initiatives Fund and contains reporting requirements and authority for the provincial government to establish regulations to govern the use of moneys in the fund and requirements for applying to the fund

The Snowmobile Act

  • PCS is responsible for Part 111, relating to the management of designated snowmobile trails in the province.
  • PCS and SGI are jointly responsible for s.41, respecting the making of regulations for snowmobiles in the province

The Tartan Day Act

  • commemorative of the Scots who came to Canada, many in duress, and went on to establish a great country and became good citizens

The Tommy Douglas Day Act

  • Premier of Saskatchewan from 1944 to 1961
  • instrumental in the creation of Crown corporations to benefit the people of Saskatchewan, including Canada’s
  • first publicly owned automobile insurance agency
  • sought to improve the living standards and working conditions of rural Saskatchewan
  • created the Saskatchewan Arts Board in 1948, the first arts support agency of its kind in North America
  • instrumental in establishing Canada’s first public hospitalization program in 1947 and the creation of Canada’s first Medicare
  • program

The Wakamow Valley Authority Act

  • provides for the management and retention for public use of the riverbank area of Moose Jaw by an independent agency.

The Wanuskewin Heritage Park Act 1997

  • establishes Wanuskewin Heritage Park as a corporate entity and lays out the broad governance structure and the duties, powers and authority of the organization

The Wascana Centre Act

  • provides for the management and retention for public use of the area around Wascana Lake and the provincial capital buildings by an independent agency funded by the province, city and university

The Western Development Museum Act

  • establishes the Western Development Museum as a corporate entity and lays out the broad governance structure and the duties, powers and authority of the organization

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